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What Autodesk People Are Saying

"The class went well. The evaluations were excellent. The HTML class is one of our lowest stress classes for me. The instructor is always here on time, with books, and does a great job. The evaluations they were almost all 5's in the ratings, and very few comments. In most classes I always have a few comments, feedback, and suggestions, but not for these. Thanks for all the help."
-- B. S., Technical Training Manager

"The instructor was great. I wish all my teachers in life were as skilled in communication."
-- Darren Jalao, DSD

"This might just be the best instructor for any course I've taken anywhere ever."
-- Leslie Feldman, Creative Services

"Probably the best class I've taken in years."
-- Brian Webb

"I learned more in the past two days than I have in the past two years!"
-- Kathy, Customer Interface Team

"Excellent instructor! I thoroughly enjoyed this class and am eager to put these skills to practice."
-- Christine Rousseau

"Thanks for the outstanding teaching job. You're by far the best teacher I've had through the Autodesk education program. You are articulate, organized, and knowledgeable."
-- Robert Wegge

"This is the second class I have taken and I'm very impressed with the instructor's knowledge and teaching abilities."
-- Gretchyn Zurderurg

"The instructor showed an awesome amount of skill using the program and troubleshooting my mistakes."
-- Matt Carter

"Very knowledgeable and shared interactively in easy to grasp language and examples. I will be contributing content now to internal sites and possibly designing. Excellent instructor -- very on target -- I felt this class delivered big time! I would gladly learn this way again!"
-- Crystal Rocks

"The instructor was very thorough yet took time to help when someone was stuck."
-- Shawn Sherbondy

"I will use [these new skills] to maintain my group's website. Actually, it was much better than I expected, due to the instructor. It was extremely informative and helpful."
-- Michelle Krueger

"A great motivational instructor. Makes you want to learn to use the technology."
-- Margaret Valiets

"This is a great class. I have been looking for this kind of class for a long time. This one exactly met my expectation."
-- Shui-Sheng Chan

"The instructor was totally on top of it. Even with minimal Perl, I was able to get lots out of the class."
-- Vince Pannepacker

"Great website for reference in the future."
-- Tanner Selinger

"Best instructor I've had."
-- Karen Geary

"Materials were primarily web based -- very useful since I wanted to practice at home. Very relevant -- my work at Autodesk involves web server maintenance."
-- Garth Pettijohn

"This is perhaps the best class I have taken here!"
-- Marc Santmyers

"Content was great for me as a beginner but also the speed was not too fast. It was perfect. The web site tutorial style is really valuable. Now I can go thru steps myself in an easy manner. It will enable me to do a more professional job."
-- Jennifer Peacock

"Great content. Speed of course was quick -- kept you on your toes but repetition kept you understanding new material. I liked the way the instructor worked with the course schedule on the web as well as having a book at the individual desk."
-- J.J. Stott

"Best class I've ever taken at Autodesk! Extremely relevant... Exceeded my expectations."
-- Louisa Craviotto, Product Support

"Very helpful. Designed to help me on my project specifically. I'm more confident now to design my web project."
-- Jenny Reiersen, Executive Briefing Center

"I'll be working on the Department's web page. Lots of insights, good real-life examples, fast paced but was able to keep up. Instructors very enthusiastic and knowledgeable."
-- Rafael Rivero, Legal Department

"Very knowledgeable instructors. Love the hands-on style. Fast pace, concise, great, no wasted time."
-- Christine Rousseau, Engineering

"Excellent class -- the materials were good, the teacher was excellent. I got a lot more out of the class than I expected."
-- Carrie Turek, Technical Publications

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